Description: A very mellow, relaxing, chill song; full of nice pianos, guitar synths, cathy drums and other melodic elements.

Description: A Catchy, driving, fast-paced Electronic music piece, Filled with punchy kicks and synths.

Description: Like the name says, this charming piece will lighten the heart.

Description: A catchy, mysterious piece with a driving beat. Full of great pauses and a nice brass section, this piece will keep you on your toes.

Description: A very driving piece, very intense, yet very beautiful…A must hear!

Description: Starts off on a contemplative vibe then slowly builds to a huge climax of violins, huge drums and bass, and a whole array of other interesting elements.

Description: Starts with old school action video game elements, then transitions into a chill ambience with bongos and a killer bass line!

Description: Punchy Kicks, A Nice melodic piano melody, Old school base-Great for a slower Rap or Hip-Hop Jam!