Description: Drum n Bass original song. With builds and strong beats. Menacing vibe, perfect for chase scenes in suspenseful movies.

Description: Cool and modern synth arrangement. Funky and upbeat.

Description: This is an upbeat guitar rock track with a modern drum and synth sound.

Description: Funky electric guitars with electronic house beat.

Description: High energy electro-pop. Features electronic synth sounds that build. Has a chorus that could fit well in a modern video game soundtrack.

Description: Electronic track with rock elements. Features guitar, synth, drums and bass. Upbeat and melodic with a soothing but uplifting atmosphere.

Description: Electronic rock. Features electric guitars and heavy synthesizers. Perfect for anything modern or that requires high energy.

Description: Dance Music, ideal music for Bollywood film or anything that calls for an upbeat ethnic and modern feel!

Description: Modern electronic house with a slightly dark edge. Suspense, film or underscore would go perfect with this.

Description: Building synthesizers and drums drive this house track to epic heights. With a evil-scary synth hook that leads up to electric guitars and other synth and fx sounds make this a possible winner for futuristic epic action or thriller films.

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