Description: Bright emotional dance, with its own character, expression, expression, expression of emotions, the beating of the heart. Street dance. The music will fit in the different projects as dubbing.

Description: This is a small track in the style of hip hop, it can be read by a recitative, it can be used in various Internet projects, television projects, games and elsewhere

Description: Music in the style of trance. Simple and peaceful music. Perfect for websites, videoclip for many of the other. Can be used as a big loop, and if you want a wrap aroundand extend.

Description: Background elevator music in the style of breakbeat. The powerful music - a mix of strict piano and electronic effects, powerful drum part and stringed bowed instruments. Music that will perfectly fit into your project as background music. First of all for the software, while loading, but also it is suitable for computer games, and to obtain presentations for advertising and other media products.

Description: Merry, cheerful, quick and positive music in a contemporary style between House and Trance. Name this - because I is the association with fun and dancing Santa Claus, even though this is my subjective point of view. Excellent dance music. Suitable for television projects, for Internet projects, advertising and other things. You can also buy for personal Listen to and use of and dance. Perfect for staging dance.Music can be conveniently cut into the loops.

Description: A lively, expressive and dynamic music. Night desires, night of sex, night traffic. The track can be used in different directions media as a whole and cutting it to a magnifying glass.

Description: This music is dance. Well suited for clubs, dancing. You can call it space, so it has this name.