Description: Limp Triscut is another track that got a lot play from the NFL. Live drums played by yours truly, shredding guitars, and a monster kick sound. Heavy...

Description: Agressive brutal break beat bumper perfect for an acction sequence.

Description: Dark, aggressive, and bangin techno track…Some really interesting sound design, and analog synthesis.

Description: Old school hip hop flavor authentic enough to bring a tear to the "OG" eye. Just have to give it a listen...another great selection for soundtrack or commercial application.

Description: Grey Line is a really dark and driving piece of work. The best way to describe it would be creepy break beat. Perfect for action sequences in a thriller or suspense film.

Description: Slow and funky with some really beautiful pad sounds modulating all over the track. Laid back is a perfect fit for so many applications.

Description: Downtempo grimy break beat track with pop sensibility perfect for soundtrack / commercial placement. Massive bass, great drum loops, and sound design…

Description: This track is a seamless 64 bar loop with really crushing hooks and interesting texture. Great track for adding wow factor to your production or presentation.