Description: Frenetic techno song with some vintage style. As the song goes by, some new and more complex melodies add instrumental density and power to the mood. Suitable for tech product presentations, sports, action scenes in games and movies.

Description: Frantic techno trance song performed on synthesizers, most of them created with my own sound effects and samples, from frogs and birds to bicycle sprocket wheel and water splashes. The song features some triplet figures to make it more original. Useful for sports tv shows, extreme activities, racing, speed, commercial, everywhere adrenaline is the main subject. Key of Em

Description: Urban style song performed on digital synthesizers making sequences, at a mid tempo

Description: Science fiction style song performed on synthesizers and synth piano. A few sound effects just like hydraulic hatchs and electric motors. Key of A minor

Description: Dramatic vocal trance song with english lyrics about thinking too much and freezing up. Lyrics: Without warning left me at fault the big dream that I have bought Now my mind is about to explode There is no room for so many thoughts A whole world is in my head Lots of wars are taking place Something, urgently, has to change I don't want to go on this way I'm lonely, just with my thoughts (x2) I'm lonely I'm lonely, just with my thoughts I don't get the point at all with my body collides my soul I freeze up, inside I'm alone I collapse and lose control I'm lonely I'm lonely, just with my thoughts I think my system is about to shut down Shut down

Description: This is a powerful exciting vocal trance/dance song performed on synthesizers. Lyrics talk about love dependence, emotional ties and bonds. It's also a love song with a little retro / old school style. Lyrics: It could be fate or my destiny Maybe because of the karma wheel I don't know how could I built this link It is so strong that no one can release me A big emotional tie for years As if a magnet in front of me I always feel so attracted to her That only think at her side I just wanna be [chorus:] She knows my soul, my inner side Better than anyone With her I feel alive To her I am the one She brought her magic wand I couldn't say a word Since then I lose my mind I really love this bond So many times I could break free I once again got hooked instead Cause every time she walks away I keep on waiting to see her back again When I'm alone I feel so lost I feel like something is incomplete I suddenly need to catch my breath Without her something in my life is missing (chorus)

Description: Powerful exciting trance/dance song performed on synthesizers, featuring strong drums, synth strings and piano with the strength enough for a techno rave party, increasing energy to hi-nrg levels. It has a nice mood as to having memorable moments and expresses positive things such as goals achievement or receiving good news. Suitable for music shows, sports, strong presentations when you want to shock the audience or have a deep impact.

Description: Frantic loop-ready techno trance song performed on digital synthesizers. Suitable for sports, action, adventure, fashion, teenagers, etc.

Description: Frantic techno trance song performed on digital synthesizers. Suitable for sports, action, adventure, fashion, teenagers, etc. A loop-ready version is also available in my portfolio

Description: Long loop-ready version of a kinetic electronic song, blend of multiple sequences in an analog old school style. Suitable for technology presentations, games, sports shows, driving scenes. Key of Am

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