Description: A cool, modern tune for the information age. The sound combines ambient elements such as floating pads above electronic or synth sounds that mimic information that is being passed and processed. Use this sound for any production that needs to capture the.

Description: This tune begins with a ringing telephone and you must pick up before it's too late. It has all of the traditional elements of a great trance beat with a pounding beat and silky-smooth synths, especially heavy on the bass. There are a variety of ways to m.

Description: Lush synth sounds abound with energy and motion. The piano part, with a nice spacious reverb, compliments the synth sounds. Use this tune in presentations that portray the future and the freedom to live it.

Description: Flowing with energy and rhythm, this tune can make any presentation come alive. The urgent electronic sounds are perfect for fast moving images or action shots.

Description: This SoundSet is ideal for hip and modern themed presentations. A car commercial immediately comes to mind when listening to this piece. The sound is energetic with a strong beat. The siren provides a nice effect on top of the beat.

Description: This SoundSet depicts motion in the world. Images of people engaged in daily activities and the buzz of life. The synth sounds bring to mind sounds of communication and modern culture. The infectious beat is composed of two drum tracks that can be used in.

Description: Hypnotic and mesmerizing, this electrified tune pulsates with vibrant synth elements. There are two contrasting parts. One contains sounds typical of trance music while the other has a more traditional melody with a technological flavor.

Description: This piece works well for presentations that require a simple background track to set the mood. The rhythm is uncomplicated and stable. The strings and electronic pulse create a spacey feel, almost mysterious.

Description: With its strong rhythm, this piece works well for presentations that require a deep foundation. The bass line treated with a filter pulsates and opens up. Use this SoundSet with presentations that evoke a little mystery, even ambiguity.

Description: The melody in this piece sets up the expectation of something big or grand. The rhythm pushes forward and is driven by the pulsating bass line. This SoundSet is ideal for flashing or hyper images, more so than for animation.

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