Description: Summer house loop for various projects.

Description: A Busy Life is an orchestral music cue with a strong beat. Music designed for 30 second commercials, advertising, promo, branding, and a energetic busy lifestyle.

Description: This is an inspired track featuring 80's elements can be used as background for any content as well as stand-by conference intro music.Use everyhwere.

Description: Electronic Dancehall Roller Mix #10 contains electronic tropical hook sounds over a steady dancehall groove..

Description: Electro-Orchestral corporate pop underscore. Expansive, intricate and rhythmic with an understated sense of pride. Perfect accompaniment to award presentations, corporate videos, technical and scientific presentations. Features synth arps, keyboards with symphonic strings and brass. Various cuts.

Description: Electronic Aggressive Dancehall Mix #9 is an aggressive track with tough dancehall drums over hard edged synths and drastic drops into deep bass rhythms..

Description: Inspiring and dreamy background track. Perfect for media projects, diving videos and many more.

Description: Powerful and aggressive background track, for video about sports, extreme, cars, race, fighting and other action media projects.

Description: I begun to fiddle with Mahavishnu Orchestra's You Know You Know -piece, but in the end only a couple of chords survived into this piece of mine

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