Description: thumping and energetic beat that's steady throughout the track. breaks into light male vocals toward the end chanting "om nam shiva".

Description: fun, bright, bouncy dance track. progressive and changeable. gets you moving! great workout track, motivational and animated. excellent for a club, dance or rave scene.

Description: thumping driving steady techno beat accented with bells.

Description: driving and steady electronic beat. progresses through track and builds in intensity and tempo towards the end as it evolves.

Description: bright, dancey clubby techno track. driving and bouncy, energetic, fun and a little trippy.

Description: nice steady groove with an easy beat. smart, progressive. male and female vocals as accents, with barely audible male vocals whispering underneath.

Description: thumping techno, upbeat, dancy, progressive. sitar and other eastern sounding instrumentals about halfway through.