Description: A gangster's gritty hovel sizzles with style and stink, all of it bad. Features over-compressed beats, vinyl scratches, muted trumpet, and electric and chorused pianos. Play it loud.

Description: This yellow rose turns some Texans green! A spastic parody, this switched-on version yee-haws through a bright synthesizer, quirky tuning, and... yodeling?!

Description: Bass-heavy source music for a late-night rave or pursuit scene. Vocal credit: Susan Hancock.

Description: Overcompressed drums and cymbals pump beneath an edgy synth and trippy vibraphone. Interesting breakdowns add creative tension.

Description: Bright analog synths, distorted guitar, and perky percussion drive this optimistic 1980s anthem. Use as underscore to computer hi-jinks, nerdy experiments, or a neon-colored dance hall.