Description: electronic/trance music for use within any media project.

Description: A short wacky hip hop beat with very computer-like noises and effects, this is a loop, for an unusual quirky soundtrack this is perfect for any media.

Description: This is what Robots having a party might sound like.....Robotic, electronic, noise based sound design. Yet it still carries a tune. This is a loop that can be seamlessly repeated in your production.

Description: Jean Michel Jarre inspired piece of electronic music, relying heavily on his style :)

Description: A techno track that evolves into a psychedelic fast past driving beat which progresses into a stereo melody before grinding to a halt.

Description: A dirty dose of underground house, perfect for a club scene or similar

Description: A fast young and intense drum and bass tune created using only using vocoders and a drum machine

Description: A well produced space trance track - ideal for something spacey with a cool feel

Description: Trance techno - a well produced pounding track for trance and techno fans with the vibe of underground clubbing.

Description: Strut your stuff with a fashion soundtrack with attitude, here comes the girls!

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