Description: An uplifting trance song well suited to add suspense or simply happiness. This would also be well suited for a computer game involving driving or suspense or some adventure.

Description: Upbeat trance song joyful and energetic. Anything happy or optimistic. Everything is Love.

Description: Fresh spring tune to evoke nostalgia and good memories.

Description: Melodies like water dripping with high frequency synths to back it up.

Description: Trance with pulsating kick drums and monotonic melodies.

Description: Peaceful experimental track with joyeous melodies. Excellent for background music, web, video and presentations. Also ideal for commercials, fitness videos and motivational movies soundtracks. Finally, it's a great choice for your presentations, youtube video, promotional videos and marketing use.

Description: A short techno loop with big catchy drums and bouncy bass rhythms.

Description: Electro loop with big bass and catchy synths.

Description: Short loop - big drums and bass - vocals.

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