Description: A downtempo track, featuring smooth, filtered lo-fi beats, rhythm and wah-wah guitars, cool bass lines and analogue synth parts. It's perfect for projects involving urban themes, style or fashion.

Description: An uplifting, disco house track, featuring driving beats and bass, accompanied by a hard-hitting retro 8-bit bass line. The track echos flavours of French disco and tech-house and other elements include funk guitars, vocoded vocals, fast-attack pads that combine to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Description: A dynamic, cutting-edge nu-jazz track, encompassing a fusion of ethnic street atmospheres, instruments, percussion and vocal sounds. Complex filtered rhythms and bass guitar lines carry the track along, backed by expansive pads, acoustic and electric pianos.

Description: An epic and progressive downtempo track. The track opens with an ethereal, oceanic soundscape featuring a gentle piano piece that builds into driving live beats, backed by gorgeous pads, female vocal textures and expansive electric guitars. The track also features rhythmic acoustic guitars, Rhodes electric piano and string sections.

Description: 'Retro Sessions' is an upbeat and uplifting nu-jazz style track, featuring upfront live drum beats, cool and dynamic bass-lines, string and Moog synthesizer lines. The track is carried along with Rhodes piano leads, french horns and percussion such as bongos, congas and tambourine to create a full sounding, live and positive vibe.

Description: An uplifting and anthemic electronic dance music track, featuring four-on-the floor beats, big pads, harp and piano arpeggios and sublime electronic textures. It's perfect for any project that requires a motivational backing such as corporate, documentary or film.

Description: An upbeat and fresh dance track, featuring four-on-the-floor rhythms, groovy basslines, electric piano, occasional trumpet lines, sublime synth pads and textures, and chopped vocal elements. It is ideal for use within projects featuring fashion or style.

Description: An emotive and big electronic dance track, featuring swirling pads, driving beats, synth and guitar textures and melodic hooks.

Description: An epic and high octane breakbeat track, featuring chopped, powerful beats, big string and synth textures and a memorable piano melody. Perfect for trailers, action sequences and gaming montages or videos.

Description: An upbeat and energetic dance track, featuring driving beats, catchy bass lines and melodies and chopped electronic elements. Ideal for use in sports projects or as an uplifting background to your videos.

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