Description: Motivational and inspirational electronic track. Transparent and cool synths and light percussion.

Description: Introduction electronic track with chill and dreamy sound. Synthesizer, electric guitar and hip-hop percussion. Nice background for hi-tech and computer projects.

Description: Light emotional and uplifting instrumental with cheerful and positive vibe.

Description: Cool electronic track with deep bass, synth, electric guitar, piano and hip-hop beat. Chill, energetic and motivation.

Description: Inspiring and optimistic electro-pop track. Colorful synths, guitars and gentle melodies. Evolving track with an emotional interlude and a bright ending.

Description: Imagin on sunny day car,boat,bicycle trip.Passing trees,houses,fields.Dance on a beach party.Good for TV,Corporate,movies,documentary

Description: Pop/dance music bed with Kylie style background vocals, driving dance beats and synths, very sensual and upbeat. Alternate edits available on the site

Description: Synthesizers trade melodic phrases in 62 second loop accompanied by drum machine, harpsichord and string samples, inspired by retro electronic artists such as Gary Numan.

Description: Strong and crisp kicks-snares, bright swing hats, old-school funky drum loops, panning 808 claps, low 808 bass boom and drops, thick layered electro synth melodies, electro synth bass, and ambient keyboard melodies / Think Will I Am production / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs strong driving dark mainstream club-pop.

Description: This is an easy track with catchy tunes. It features bright drums and deep electronic synths.