Description: High-energy drums, climbing melody, optimistic & fun bells, big bass, strong piano, building electric guitars exude success, creativity & discovery. A fresh mix of grunge, electronic & orchestral make it lively, edgy & exciting. While powerful, youthful & motivational it's vibrant, bright & cheerful

Description: Electric and bouncy song without words or could be used as drama underscore

Description: Track happy,various and original.

Description: Electronica, Active, Enthusiastic, Feel Good, Glamorous, Hi Energy, in a Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Bass, Keyboard, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: relaxed soft electro-pop composition.

Description: positive kind of dreamy trance track. electric guitar adds an indie touch.

Description: Playful and funny comedy music.Irreverent,wacky and a ever so slightly bonkers. Running around,messing around,fooling around,falling about... Great for kids, animation,whimsical and joke material etc.Breezy and earthy introduction creating an optimistic and bright mood.Modern,synth based version. Would be ideal for Tv,cartoon,radio or web based advertisement or presentation.

Description: Modern music In The Style Electro Dance. For Tv Show, Documentary, Games, TV Advertising, Radio, Brand New Perfume, Party , Electronic Music,Video Blogs.Track happy,various and original.Quiet and disturbing, modern, electronic music, grasps spirit and a heart rhythm, causes positive emotions.

Description: Steady beat late 80s/ early 90s pop track-Full

Description: Imagine a sports car driving through the mountains and tossing up colorful leaves on the road.