Description: Ambient sounds are combined with a beat in this piece creating a nice riff. The piano comes in with a nice melody. This piece is ideal for presentations that require some background music, something to give it bit of energy and stability .

Description: This psychedelic sound may be perfect for use in presentations involving lots of colors and abstract images. The Guitar component with its sliding sound creates an elastic effect.

Description: Lush synth sounds abound with energy and motion. The piano part, with a nice spacious reverb, compliments the synth sounds. Use this tune in presentations that portray the future and the freedom to live it.

Description: The beginning of this tune has an industrial, breathing-robot type of effect. The music then turns a little bit whimsical and the contrast has a surreal effect. The dance beat is happy and carefree and would go well with flashing still images.

Description: This SoundSet has a pulsating and therefore hypnotic effect created through the Bass component. Use this sound in presentations that need a touch of Trance music as a foundation for the visuals. The Synth component also contributes an interesting effect t.

Description: Lush electronic and synth sounds in a super compact, low bandwidth SoundSet that is ideal for the web. The pulsating bass and kick drum provide all the drive and energy. Depending on the combination or mix of the various parts, this tune can be used as th.

Description: This SoundSet immediately brings to mind sounds of technology and a bit of science fiction. The pulsing bass provides a lot of energy and the machine-like drums, along with the synth sounds, make this music a truly electronic piece. Any presentations invo.

Description: This SoundSet depicts motion in the world. Images of people engaged in daily activities and the buzz of life. The synth sounds bring to mind sounds of communication and modern culture. The infectious beat is composed of two drum tracks that can be used in.

Description: Lush synth-pop sounds abound in this SoundSet. The drums are tight and provide a strong grounding for all of the activity above. There is a seduction and a sensuality inherent in the sound, perhaps even an over-stimulation of sensations. Use it in product.

Description: Energetic synths wail over an infectious beat to create an electro-techno sound to electrify an audience. A filter is applied to the main synth to create motion in the sound. Use this SoundSet in a sci-fi, techno-modern environment to attract attention qu.