Description: Awesome energy and lights flashing on the dance floor immediately come to mind when listening to this piece. Needless to say any presentation that requires an energetic sound to get its audience excited would really benefit from this piece.

Description: This traditional sounding dance tune can work in almost any presentation that needs some good energy. The sound will keep listeners interested and tapping their feet.

Description: The trance effect created in this piece is ideal for presentations that have some subliminal message(s). Also, presentations involving some action and adventure, possibly some extreme sports, would work very well with this piece.

Description: The drums and bass in this dance tune give it its character. The other components of the piece are very light. Presentations that target a younger audience or that contain a lot of flashing still-images, as in a strobe-like effect, would work well with th.

Description: This very pleasant dance tune has a nice melody making it ideal for any presentation that requires a bit of energy. This piece works well with more corporate or conservative presentations that require a modern, hip feel without going overboard.

Description: Serious motion and emotion characterize this tune with its dance beat and dreamy timbres. Use it in presentations that involve shadows, dreams, special effects or anything that requires a hypnotic dance beat.

Description: Take a tour through shadows and lights with this tune. The bass rocks the beat with an urgent pulse. Somewhat mysterious and urgent, this SoundSet works well in sci-fi industrial settings where the beat is essential to the energy of the entire presentatio.

Description: Lush synth sounds abound with energy and motion. The piano part, with a nice spacious reverb, compliments the synth sounds. Use this tune in presentations that portray the future and the freedom to live it.

Description: The beginning of this tune has an industrial, breathing-robot type of effect. The music then turns a little bit whimsical and the contrast has a surreal effect. The dance beat is happy and carefree and would go well with flashing still images.

Description: Lush electronic and synth sounds in a super compact, low bandwidth SoundSet that is ideal for the web. The pulsating bass and kick drum provide all the drive and energy. Depending on the combination or mix of the various parts, this tune can be used as th.