Description: This dynamic tune is full of anticipation and mystery. The main synth adds an eerie feel to the overall sound. The piano part is also reminiscent of the haunting riff from the movie Halloween. If you remove the square, assured beat all that remains is an.

Description: A trance-evoking, modern sound with brilliant electronic elements to hypnotize your audience. The music is a bit dark but that element is overshadowed by its energy and tendency to move constantly forward. Use this SoundSet in any production that requires.

Description: This SoundSet conjures up images of industry and machines. The square beat is heavy and almost mesmerizing. The contrasting section is more fluid and rhythmic. Use this sound in productions that call for a hypnotic effect.

Description: This unique sound combines light and dark elements to form a strange and surreal effect. There is a lot of contrast between percussive elements, between the piano, keys and drums and the sustained pad sounds along with the effects. Use this SoundSet in pr.

Description: This meld of bubbling synthetic sounds conjures up images of space and the future. The vibrant synth elements project the sound forward over the somewhat rockish beat.

Description: A sense of mystery pervades this electro-synth tune. The sensual beat pervades and drives the music while the pad instruments add spaciousness. Use this tune in any production requiring an element of mystery, espionage or adventure.

Description: A pulsating tune that contains modern elements with a surreal flavor. There are two contrasting parts, both built on a square and mechanical beat. The first part has a technological sound to it while the second one is more serene and aloof.

Description: This quiet and hypnotic house tune is filled with subtle and silky, ethereal sounds. The synth elements combine to paint a transluscent color of mood and nuance. Idealy, this tune should be used in the background of dimly lit yet powerful presentations.

Description: A nuance of sounds... This track combines electronic and hip hop elements to create a dreamy and subtle atmosphere. There are some underlying dissonances that help to put a little tension in the sound.

Description: The restless drumbeat provides the foundation for the angst in this tune which is made up of two parts. The first part has a spy-movie feel to the melody while the second has the more eerie, string melody. The overall feeling is that of repressed energy t.