Description: The pulsating bass along with the beat and the vocal effects create a nice hypnotic groove. Presentations that use special visual effects, still shots and so forth, would work nicely with this tune.

Description: This piece has lots of electronic flavor but the drums give it a danceable beat. Presentations that require energetic music that needs to be generally in the background would work with this piece. The music evokes a sense of celebration or positive feelin.

Description: Extreme contrasts come to mind when listening to this techno tune. The pulsating bass line dances to a strobe-like rhythm. This energetic piece is ideal for any presentation that has lots of motion and fast-moving, flickering images.

Description: The trance effect created in this piece is ideal for presentations that have some subliminal message(s). Also, presentations involving some action and adventure, possibly some extreme sports, would work very well with this piece.

Description: This is a typical dance piece that would be well used in any presentation that requires an energetic (but not overly hyper) tune that keeps the audience’s feet tapping.

Description: This traditional dance tune has some electronic flavor. This piece creates a trance-like atmosphere and would work well in presentations that involve a mix of animation and still-images.

Description: This upbeat dance tune can easily be associated with fashion, attitude and youth. There are some vocal elements in this piece that give it a bit of hip quality.

Description: The drums and bass in this dance tune give it its character. The other components of the piece are very light. Presentations that target a younger audience or that contain a lot of flashing still-images, as in a strobe-like effect, would work well with th.

Description: This very pleasant dance tune has a nice melody making it ideal for any presentation that requires a bit of energy. This piece works well with more corporate or conservative presentations that require a modern, hip feel without going overboard.

Description: This piece combines a unique ambient sound with an energetic drum beat and melody. The bells in the melody give this tune its pleasant yet hip sound. This piece is ideal for a wide range of presentations and will appeal to almost any audience.