Description: 4 bars, 4/4 time, 142 beats/min, non-pitched drum track with cymbal, kick, snare, hihat, toms, congas, cowbell

Description: Upbeat and sunny dance track with synth, acoustic guitar and vibes over a racing dance beat and bassline. A happy piece with a strong arrangement and instrumentation - perfect for a sunshine, beach or party atmosphere.

Description: clip of instrumental beat, instrumentally creative.

Description: intense vibe with big guitars and drums.

Description: A dubstep loop in the vein of Jakwob that would work perfect for any game, web, TV, Film, or Ad that needed strong dubstep sounds

Description: A euphoric instrumental track in the genres of big beat and rock music, cheerful and quirky in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with energy, humor, and eccentricity.

Description: Soft, romantic and light electronic loop for you modern projects. Atmospheric pads, beautiful harmony, dance rhythms. Great as ambience instrumental background, peaceful background, documentary, nature, beautiful landscape, fantasy ambience, travel guide, marketing presentation, water waves, modern technology and corporate projects and more.

Description: Heavens HarpArp Cycle. Crazy and sweet repeat