Description: Imagine racing through the sky on a magic carpet. Where would it take you. Here, there, everywhere.

Description: a conglomeration of funky beats, piano, drums, and glass bells, simply delicious.

Description: Rubberband is an electronic track that has expanding and contracting sounds that come and go in explosive waves.

Description: Its a wacky world is a funky out of the box track with a crazy beat and detuned notes, Could be used for a city scene of fast moving people.

Description: Crazy time machine is a fast electronic pulsating track great for dancing or a film scene with fast cars or motorcycles.

Description: Climb the Mountain is a pulsating electronic track with hard guitar sounds. Think of a difficult climb up to the top of an icy mountain peak.Will they get there?

Description: Static Anomoly is a flurry of beats and electrical sounds.

Description: Power play is an edgy, mysterious track with industrial sounds.

Description: Disfunctional is loopy and trendy with crazy beats and electronic sounds

Description: Rolling gunfire is an electronic pulsating track great for a chase scene or gun battle.