Description: This sound embodies motion and energy. One of the elements of the sound emulates a subway train. The SynthPad element can be used solo as an ambient sound. Any production involving transportation and motion would benefit from this SoundSet.

Description: The energy in this SoundSet urgently calls for action. The sound is futuristic, almost surreal. The effect is that of being chased in the streets and tunnels of some post-modern city, decimated by its own ideals. Use it in productions involving adventure.

Description: Ambient and haunting, this sound exudes an element of mystery. Use it in hi-tech productions that hint at science fiction and the future. The sound also conjures up contrasts in color, especially in black and white.

Description: With its modern technology sound and infectious rhythm, this tune is ideal for corporate presentations. Lots of different effects are used to achieve the electronic sound, from reverb to delay to various filters. Use this SoundSet in any production that e.

Description: A tune of two contrasting, sophisticated moods. The first part of the music conjures up a techno chase scene over a primal beat while the second part has the ambient, eerie sound of a ticking clock and a busy phone signal, all slightly reminiscent of Pink.

Description: Filters and LFOs animate this web-friendly, compact composition and give it a unique electro-industrial sound. The foundation of this piece is a strong beat, comprised of the bass and drums, that gives it the driving effect. Use this piece in productions.

Description: This dreamy tune contains harsh and soft elements that combine together to create tension. The bubbling bass and the synth components create some dissonance against the melody and the floating strings.

Description: The memorable hook in this tune has a pensive and mystical quality opposite the synth elements which are harsh by contrast. The beat is quite danceable with its energetic and sensual rhythm. Ideally, this tune should accompany productions that require a h.

Description: This SoundSet is a meld of rhythmic and ambient components. The sensual beat provides a foundation for the electronic elements and creates a sense of synchronicity with the world. Ideal settings for this tune involve mystery, energy and espionage.

Description: This sleek and sexy sound overflows with dreamy electronic elements. The descending, haunting melody evokes a sense of dreaming or fantasy and a world where things are not as they appear to be.