Description: This music is composed of strange and off-beat synthetic sounds and gives the impression of living in a mechanized, technologically-driven and mindless world. Lots of effects are applied to give the sound its strange, sci-fi character.

Description: This excellent dance tune with a nice melody will get people tapping their feet and feeling good. The drum and bass alone are wonderful as a backdrop for any presentation. A sense of spirit, motion and life characterize this piece.

Description: Mix a little syncopation with a hip hop beat and a mysterious melody and you get this track. It is composed of synthetic elements that mimic a sense of technology or science fiction that has gone awry perhaps.

Description: Crowd cheers and vocal effects begin this piece. Once the beat comes in, this piece builds up to become a nice dance tune. Presentations involving fast moving images with cutting-edge design would work very nicely with this sound.

Description: Awesome energy and lights flashing on the dance floor immediately come to mind when listening to this piece. Needless to say any presentation that requires an energetic sound to get its audience excited would really benefit from this piece.

Description: Take a glimpse of a dark, futuristic underworld through a meld of delicious electronic sounds. The combination of traditional heavy drums with sweeping, synthetic sounds creates a certain urgency. Ideal for a futuristic theme, this track also has an agres.

Description: Vibrant synths with a pulsating bass, a fast beat and an occasional splash of vocals energize this piece. It is ideal for presentations that require a hyper rhythm to go with fast moving images. This soundset has lots of potential and can really be exploi.

Description: Vocal effects set up this dance tune. The music evokes sensuality and fun. The rhythm can become hypnotic, almost psychedelic. Presentations that require a modern-edged touch would benefit from this piece.

Description: This traditional sounding dance tune can work in almost any presentation that needs some good energy. The sound will keep listeners interested and tapping their feet.

Description: This is the mother of all techno tunes. The ambient sounds above the beat are excellent by themselves also. Add this tune to any presentation requiring energy, motion and excitement.