Description: this track starts with EDM piano chords filtered and then builds into the full sound over house/edm drums,filtered effects,drops and builds..

Description: this track is an interesting club pounder with odd signatures giving it a kinda disco UK Anthem feel.. Contains house drums,piano chords,filtering,drops,builds,choir,horns and stings..

Description: this is track 1 from a series of 10 Club Anthem tracks that will focus on heavy piano chords-also contains percussion,drops,builds over a 4 on the floor UK house beat..

Description: Listening to NY radio on a long car ride inspired me to cut this track. It has a Calvin Harris feel and similar to many dance dhill out tracks on the radio..

Description: Starts with a Latin organ riff into samba beats and builds to piano,bass then full body then breaks down into awesome beats

Description: Starts with beautiful strings/horns orchestration into drums and then bass into the full body..Has horn stabs that is known in disco tracks from the 70's.The tempo at 125 BPM along with jumpy bassline gives a current house/dance vibe.Perfect for sampling parts to filter.

Description: Driving tribal is music by itself.. Energetic Industrial sounds combined with tribal elements. Just drums being worked..

Description: This is a commercial tribal track with beautiful strings and keys that play between heavy tribal sections.

Description: This new sound is catching on,the tempo is at 120 giving it sexy chill out feel,it contains smooth piano,organ and a general house bass line that escalates into a funked up bass line around break sounds..

Description: This is a funky pop track with an edgy bassline and break style beats.