Description: This is a commercial tribal track with beautiful strings and keys that play between heavy tribal sections.

Description: This new sound is catching on,the tempo is at 120 giving it sexy chill out feel,it contains smooth piano,organ and a general house bass line that escalates into a funked up bass line around break sounds..

Description: This is a funky pop track with an edgy bassline and break style beats.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 11 is a peak hour loop. Works well at taking the crowd to the next level. This loop is perfect for high energy dance.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 4 is contains special beats from my Tribal collection,this beat builds and can be looped for productions or to use as as.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 2 is a special beat from my tribal collection. Perfect for use as it is or to add to productions

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 10 is a special from my production library. This beat has a suspense feel like when a party is about to go down.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 6 is across between Tribal and Latin House,its works perfect as a filtered loop or to flavor a track and rich enough to use as it is,this beat has great percussion.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 5 is my favorite-it starts with 8 bars of stabs into a Tribal beat and then goes into 4 bars of stabs,perfect for intros,breaks or is it.

Description: Big string track with catchy hook and big club sound.