Description: Nightclub, Dance, Reggae, Dancehall, Guitar, Dub, Urban, Grooving, Miami, Bass, Hip hop

Description: Feeling of the high flying

Description: tech house, electronica, club, minimal, deep house, techno, experimental

Description: This sensual atmospheric track combines the genre´s Chillout, Ambient, Trap and Downbeat. Inspirational Lush analog pads with sexy vocoder/vocal chops, deep subs, trap style drums and dreamy soulful synth lines brings you the goose bumps you looking for!;). Enjoy!

Description: Soft sounds plays in the distance which combines with synth effects to create a peaceful relaxing ambient track designed to create a sense of relaxation and peace. Very useful for intro, calm or relaxing background music scenes.

Description: Electronic breaks track. Has some cool psychedelic vibes. Excellent as a powerful backing to your sites, animations, films or any projects you have. ;)

Description: Just imagine roads trips journey and people! All around us. I recorded material when i traveled.

Description: progressive, space, club, festival, rave, underground, psy, alien

Description: psybient aurora borealis, fantastic environmental pad, and incredible ropes many glitch effects to confuse the listener a long journey that environmental reports in space fantastic synth, such peace