Description: pop, high energy, upbeat, uplifting, fun, light, brass melody, B3 organ, energetic, drums and percussion

Description: A light dance track featuring fun synthesizer parts and a lot of energy.

Description: A very hip dance track with a driving beat adding to awesome vocal and synthesizer parts.

Description: A hypnotic trip hop track with dark drum loops and cool synthesizer parts.

Description: A totally cool hip hop track with loops, synthesizer bass, funky guitar and all the vibe you'll need.

Description: A high energy dubstep track with great rhythm and powerful synthesizer sounds.

Description: A light and pleasant track with great pace and movement highlighted by funky guitar and breezy rhythm.

Description: A very funky track featuring wah-wah guitar, modern drum loops, brass, slap bass and rhodes.

Description: A serious dance track with hardcore synthesizer and drum parts.

Description: A medium paced EDM dance track with great synthesizer melodies and modern drum loops.