Description: 30 second mix of moody synthesizers playing hypnotic patterns with reverse audio effects, drums and step-filtered percussion. suggested for scenes involving altered consciousness.

Description: 60 second drum track with bass alternating pop/rock pattern with chromatic descent. suggested for light-hearted, comedic or high-energy scenes.

Description: synthesizers in trance style sequence similar to drum and bass groove with stereo effects and filter sweeps. suggested for urban scenes, club cues, transitions.

Description: synth sounds play moody, surreal melody, in harmony with step filtered percussion, in two sections. suggested for dream, fantasy or hallucination sequences, or formal progressions.

Description: medium tempo electronic dance/trance groove. circa 70's micromoog, reverse audio harpsichord. suggested for club, urban night, traveling scenes, rising tension.

Description: tension building groove uses synth pads, clavinet, minimoog v bass and percussion. suggested for urban street and club scenes, corporate or commercial spots.

Description: Tension building electrified clavinet groove propelled by synth pads, Minimoog bass line, punchy drums and percussion. Suggested to underscore urban street, club, espionage, intrigue, spy thriller, exotic nightlife, crime-in-progress scenes, corporate, commercial spots. Key of G minor, 120 beats/min