Description: this is a broad sounding track fitting into many styles. Piano driven,funky Latin style bass,a beautiful melody catch line,big drum sections with party sounds.

Description: this is a simple traditional house groove with a nice inspiring B section..

Description: DJ Style organ house track with lots of drops and blends like a DJ would do live at a club..

Description: this is a choppy piano track with strings and pads layered over funky house drums with drops.

Description: this is a peak hour piano track layered with pad sounds over funky house drums with drops and builds..

Description: this track is piano heavy with tight drums,drops and snare builds..

Description: this is a hard hitting piano track with piano chords that stack up over tight drums,drops,and snare builds..

Description: this track has a melodic piano theme with driving drums,percussion and drops

Description: this is a happy piano anthem with driving drums,bass,percussion and drops..

Description: this track has a Latin samba feel with upfront piano chords,lots of percussion on the tribalism side plus drops,builds and edits