Description: The clubs of Ibiza open up and the dance floors fill with young people ready to dance all night long until sunrise!

Description: An upbeat piece of electronic music with lots of synths and synth leads. The perfect piece of music for a car racing computer or video game.

Description: A cool piece of uptempo electro house. Slick, modern, upbeat, uptempo and digital sounds! Full of cool electric synths, synth melodys, keyboards, and digital audio. Great for modern computer businesses, and hi tech digital app technology videos.

Description: A piece of electric house music mixing together electric house synth leads and electric house synth drum kits and sounds! Great for clubbing and dancing all night long!

Description: A piece of fusion techno blending elements of techno, trance, house and dance. Great for corporate videos, motivational videos and extreme sports promo videos.

Description: A cool piece of dancing music perfect to get anyone on the floor shaking their hips!

Description: A great pop rock music theme! Full of pop rock guitars, cool pop rock drums and pop rock bass lines! Great for teenagers, youth culture, romantic sitcoms, and advertising! Also great for corporate promotional videos and viral videos!

Description: A romantic piano love theme. Classical piano and romantic classical acoustic piano melodies and harmonies blend together. A great piece of classical piano music for a wide range of applications like advertising, promotional videos, and romantic sitcom love scenes.

Description: Melodic trance disco song with synthesizer.

Description: Middle tempo electronic song with synth.