Description: Synthy flanged midtempo electronic piece with subtly overdriven bass synths and an epic atmosphere.

Description: Moody electronic piece that starts with a pensive subdued melodic intro before delving into more traditional eighties electronic pop sounds.

Description: Gritty intelligent electronic tune, peppered with bizarre synth effects and glitch textures. Themed around cubicle angst and corporate slavery.

Description: Futuristic dark electro with a techno-industrial feel and some powerful synth solos.

Description: Subdued and moody electro track with synth organs and an almost triphop feel.

Description: Dark and experimental, with industrial tinged breaks and a futuristic mood

Description: Trippy experimental electro piece with some odd synthetic textures

Description: Dystopian electronic anthem with vocals lamenting the facelessness of modern technology

Description: Retro inspired new age / dark electronic synth industrial track

Description: dark militant romping track with old school industrial / ebm flavor