Description: Hot Catchy Tempo, night club feel or motivating, vibe for corporate event. Keep the Energy up in your presentation or multimedia event using this rhythmic, hip and dynamic track.

Description: Modern instrumental hip hop/ triphop, perfect for commercials.

Description: Dance Electro House Daftpunk style Groove

Description: Summertime EDM or positive house track with lots of guitars and synths and electro bass. Super fun and uplifting vibes.

Description: ‘Party Night’ energetic & dance electronic track. great for advertising, background music, film, fashion parties, club, internet projects, video, apps, podcasts, any project.

Description: easy bright trance track symbolizes one day of earthly life. Without problems suitable for dance format radio stations, dance party and any other purposes. Instruments : Double Bass, Strings, Synth, Bass, E.Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Shaker, Drums, Drum Loops, Cymbals, Sound Effects, Electronics Mood : Atmospheric, Beautiful, Big, Bouncy, Bright, Breezy, Calm, Catchy, Cheerful, Confident, Cool, Determine, Delicate, Dreamy, Driving, Dynamic, Easy, Energetic, Exotic, Friendly, Groovy, HighTech, Hopeful, Hopeless, Hypnotic, Intense, Inspiring, Inspirational, Lively, Love, Light, Modern, Optimistic, Moving, Movement, Peaceful, Playful, Positive, Powerful, Proud, Pompous, Sensitive, Sexy, Touching, Uplifting, Upbeat, Trance, Warm Genre : Action, Cinematic, Movies, Commercials, Dance, TV, Radio, Show, Computer, Fashion, Entertainment, Electric, Multimedia, Telephony, Technology, TechSport, Pop

Description: Bouncy, Upbeat Electro Pop instrumental track that is uplifting and contemporary

Description: House oriented ambient electronica with an attitude

Description: Upbeat with vocoder, spacey synths, and heavy drums. Certainly a song for extraterrestrials to dance to.

Description: edm, girl band, club life, tech bass, hot, dance floor