Description: Fast paced guitar and electronic beats blast you off into the world. Just try and slow your heart down

Description: Piano and violins start out rising and falling finally into a Madonna like beat with funky dance grooves

Description: Bee bop your way around the room to this groovy big band dance track with piano and upright bass. Start the toe tapping

Description: Spanish acoustic guitars help start the abundance of horns and Latin flair of drums

Description: Happy bouncy big band track with rock organ blazing the way. High stepping

Description: Extreme wild beats and low base with trash can beating sounds.

Description: Ultra low base line with hard guitar and funky break beat.

Description: Taught and tense yet equally flowing beats draw you along a wave of orchestral, electronic keyboard and a horn section. Lots going on here.

Description: hard driving track with intensity and electronic keyboard backgrounds.

Description: Uneasy sounding track with electronic static and electric guitar