Description: A bouncing synthesizer sound begins this searching instrumental. Processed electronic drums form a strong base which slow transforms into a soft texture wall of strings, bass, and dramatic taiko drums. A string section solos over toms and taiko drums followed by a dramatic, lush ending.

Description: Drums thunder, synthetic horns sound, distorted synthesizer grinds, and the bells toll. A short piano motif sets the stage for a dark and imposing work. Excellent for sci-fi, games, or horror.

Description: Pumping, mid-tempo track features koto-like synthesizer on top of harmonium, perfect for a driving track that drives your scene or video while simultaneously enhancing it.

Description: An angry and intense drumbeat opens this dark piece. Echoing harp and dubstep style bass push the limits of your ears as you travel through this original and challenging track.

Description: Catchy electronic synth over tribal percussion create a very diggable groove. Guitar provides additional melodic components.

Description: Brooding synthesizers slip and slide over industrially influenced drums and bass. Spacious and haunting piano provides a melody while synthetic chorus moves in and adds color. Perfect for games, horror, or suspense.

Description: Pumped up, over confident, and in-your-face, this track could be the Monday Night Football theme from the year 3000.

Description: Searching and mysterious peace with industrial influences. Mid-tempo, relaxed, electronicly driven.

Description: A shadowy walk thru a dark and scary place populated with bells, space, and percussion.

Description: Looking for a positive track with organs and percussion that can make you nod your head? Look no further!