Description: Logo made of light ambient synths and whoosh sound effects,this logo sound is perfect for your logo intro,presentation,video trailer,signature reveal,logo reveal.

Description: spy jazz remixed as jungle/drum-n-bass. big brass stabs. lots of moog synthesizer.

Description: This is light soft sounding short Opening Rising Logo for your original introductions, which include soft synth, filter pad, and fx…This track can be used anywhere – as your logo, in games and video, as a musical background for websites etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: A cool Arabian inspired and Arabian sounding funky track with all the melodic elements and sounds to take you there and make you feel like you're in paradise, All wrapped up in a funky, catchy melody, A beautiful track

Description: A soft and sneaky track featuring a midi big-band with trumpets and saxophones

Description: Hypnotic and mesmerizing, this electrified tune pulsates with vibrant synth elements. There are two contrasting parts. One contains sounds typical of trance music while the other has a more traditional melody with a technological flavor.

Description: Energetic Electro-pop with an 80's retro feel

Description: Modern electronic dance music with a swinging, skippy style

Description: Upbeat, happy, and dancy drum and bass/jungle track. Jazzy, bouncy, and melodic. Great for DIY shows, gardening shows, driving shows and scenes, party scenes, summery themes, teen related programes, clubbing scenes, travel programs and closing credits for any program.