Description: News theme on synth and percussion.

Description: Electronic Progressive Music For Project

Description: psytrance, psychedelic, festival, trance, tribe, rave, trippy, fullmoon, acid, mdma, alien, lsd, alucination, cinematic, soundtrack, theme, psychill, chillout, electronica, experimental, ambient, instrumental, breakbeat, dubstep, breaks, drum and bass, dnb, miami, edm, techno, electro house, tomorrowland, deep house, ibiza, amsterdam, progressive, pool party, after hours, underground, vibe, mainstream, mimimal, house, electro, club, tech house, ultra

Description: A glitchy hard hitting logo that is perfect for your logo and ident short sequences and short intros.

Description: Bouncy, upbeat and light with Tango elements, accordion and violin create a party atmosphere.

Description: Bright, jazzed-up swing song featuring midi trumpets and backed by a midi big band

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Acid Jazz, Urban, Hip Hop, Quirky, Simple, Anticipation, Disjointed, Groovy, Tension, Serious, Fun, Mysterious, in a Fun, Playful, Mysterious mood, featuring Bass, Conga, Organ, Ratchet, with a Slow tempo

Description: Modern catchy dance track, multi demographic track, corporate ad campaign, video presentation, video games, news track or film scene, motivational, positive and uplifting, the sound of the city.