Description: This whirling symphony of trance and techno elements is supported by a throbbing beat that overflows with energy. This sound is industrial and carries a certain urgency that lifts it up to psychedelic heights. The moment of silence at the loop point bubbl.

Description: This piece is very heavy and is excellent for use in presentations that are intended to shock and astonish the audience. It is aggressive, cutting-edge and has lots of energy. Visually-conservative presentations may do well with this piece by creating a s.

Description: Ambient and haunting, this sound exudes an element of mystery. Use it in hi-tech productions that hint at science fiction and the future. The sound also conjures up contrasts in color, especially in black and white.

Description: This tune begins with a ringing telephone and you must pick up before it's too late. It has all of the traditional elements of a great trance beat with a pounding beat and silky-smooth synths, especially heavy on the bass. There are a variety of ways to m.

Description: Almost any presentation would work well with this piece. It has a very deep sound that pierces through space. With its pulsating bass and filtered treatment, this piece will surely bring to life to just about any presentation.

Description: With its modern technology sound and infectious rhythm, this tune is ideal for corporate presentations. Lots of different effects are used to achieve the electronic sound, from reverb to delay to various filters. Use this SoundSet in any production that e.

Description: Adventure, Mysterious, Nocturnal, Trance.

Description: This piece has a technology sound to it and should be used in any slick presentation that involves a cutting-edge service or a luxurious product (fast cars, computers, etc). The piece also has a sense of motion. The Syntheffect component gives the sense o.

Description: A tune of two contrasting, sophisticated moods. The first part of the music conjures up a techno chase scene over a primal beat while the second part has the ambient, eerie sound of a ticking clock and a busy phone signal, all slightly reminiscent of Pink.

Description: This piece has a filter effect which allows the piece to open up as it progresses. The energetic beat is largely due to the drums and the bubbling bass. Presentations that need high energy sound to fast moving animation or flashing images would work well.