Description: This piece is a chameleon. It beings quietly and then its electronic character shines through. Finally the Spooky component (voices) come in to give it a psychedelic effect. This piece may work well with several different presentations by adding a certain.

Description: This piece has elements of funk but the Synth component gives it the character associated with this category. The character of this piece can be described as somewhat sly but laid back. It may go well with presentations that involve some sense of adventur.

Description: This piece has a great ambient and electronic sound. The drums give it a lot of energy, making it ideal for cutting-edge presentations with fast moving images or animation. Contrast is achieved by muting the Drums component.

Description: This piece combines an ethereal, electronic sound with a nice beat. It is ideal for presentations that wish to be alluring, modern, up-to-date and hip. Because of the particular sound of this versatile piece, it is well suited for various visual environme.

Description: Ambient sounds are combined with a beat in this piece creating a nice riff. The piano comes in with a nice melody. This piece is ideal for presentations that require some background music, something to give it bit of energy and stability .

Description: This is a perfect groove to run in the background of any presentation. Style and fashion can easily be associated with the nice walking pace of this piece. Presentations involving special visual effects and color contrast may work well with this sound.

Description: Vocal effects start off this piece. Lots of rhythms are going on here that give this sound an international flavor. Special visual effects such as strobe light or 3D effects would work well with this tune.

Description: This psychedelic sound may be perfect for use in presentations involving lots of colors and abstract images. The Guitar component with its sliding sound creates an elastic effect.

Description: The pulsating synth and background wind effects give this ambient piece a sense of mystery. The beat has a lot of contrast in dynamics and rhythm. Use this tune in any presentation that wishes to evoke a sense of intrigue.

Description: This SoundSet contains a lot of ambiance. The Bass component creates an agitated and driving effect. This piece is ideal for presentations that require the viewer to focus on a particular message or theme resulting in some visual climax.