Description: Short and quirky electronic piece with a glitchy rhythm and weird noises.

Description: Synthy flanged midtempo electronic piece with subtly overdriven bass synths and an epic atmosphere.

Description: Glitchy percussion, crystal chimes, and slithering synth bass pepper this contemporary electronic piece with its strong pads and odd but complimentary noises.

Description: Moody electronic piece with swishy cymbals, fluttering melody and a somber almost carnival feel that gives way to powerful pad/strings and driving synth chords.

Description: Gritty and experimental electronic track with minimal glitch effects, creepy lowkey vocals, and dark synth sounds. Futuristic and aggressive!

Description: Dark electro track with hard buzzing lead synths, midtempo plodding rhythm, and vocoder-accented vocals lamenting a parent's role as the gatekeeper of unhappy truths in this world.

Description: Glitchy breakbeat-laden electro track with strange ambient and robotic noises, hard synths, and a theme centering around environmental concerns like pollution and global warming.

Description: Introspective synthpop track with melancholy organ intro and minimal quirky beat. Themes include depression, low self-esteem, being new to town, relocation, lack of motivation, unemployment and being underemployed.

Description: Moody electronic composition with a dark overtone, simple driving percussion and spacey synth leads.

Description: Short and sporadic composition of strange percussive elements and electronic noises.