Description: A short percussion intro gives way to THROBBING kick and snare. Wet, resonant bass adds character and flavor to this head-bobbing piece. A dissonant and aggressive B-section creates a sense of alarm. Excellent piece for commercials, tv, games, or film.

Description: Dark and distorted drums create a chaotic bed with distorted synthesizers and intense, throbbing tones adding to the denseness of the track. Excellent piece for games, tv, and film.

Description: Industrial, hip hop-influenced beats open this track. Synthesizers morph and merge into a dark and interesting rhythm track. The end of the track features a heavy tek break with drum'n'bass elements followed by a powerful, overdriven outro. Pieces of the track could easily be used in film, commercials, or games.

Description: Dissonance and confusion characterize this dark electronic work. Perfect for a scary scene or a dark game, it builds slowly from simple hand percussion and bass swells to brittle electronics with chaotic intermingling of several instruments.

Description: Pulsing synthesizer opens this track, slowing swelling until distorted bass and intense drums creative a powerful, pounding rhythm. Eventually opening to a syncopated, dubstep-influenced drum beat, complimented by muted guitar in the background. This beat driven track is perfect for commercial use, games, and film.

Description: Pulsing, brooding, ominous synthesizers warn of impending doom. Angular drum beats reminiscent of DJ Shadow enter and accompany rhodes piano, creating a spacious, yet original sounding layer of textures. Could be used in commercials, games, or film.

Description: Reminiscent of DJ Shadow's early work, this heavy groove makes you nod your head to the beat with resonant bass, glitchy drums, and marimba melody.

Description: A thumping, pumping house track with dubstep style bass, autotune robot vocals, and a very happy vibe. Tasteful electric piano creates harmony, but leaves lots of space.

Description: A bouncing synthesizer sound begins this searching instrumental. Processed electronic drums form a strong base which slow transforms into a soft texture wall of strings, bass, and dramatic taiko drums. A string section solos over toms and taiko drums followed by a dramatic, lush ending.

Description: Drums thunder, synthetic horns sound, distorted synthesizer grinds, and the bells toll. A short piano motif sets the stage for a dark and imposing work. Excellent for sci-fi, games, or horror.