Description: A mellow ambient electronic track with spacious synths, pads and light percussion.

Description: Very trippy ambient electronic tracks with cool synths, sound effects and pads.

Description: Experimental hardcore electronic dance track with solid groove and raw, edgy synths

Description: Spacious ambient electronic track with clock-work rhythm, cool drum groove and trippy synths.

Description: Spacious ambient electronic track with cool lounge feel.

Description: Atmospheric ambient electronic track - great for background music for corporate video/presentation.

Description: Trippy ambient electronic track with unusual synth arrangements over cool drum beat. Spacious and atmospheric!

Description: Ambient Electronic track with spacious synth pads, trip hop beat, bells and effects. Great background music.

Description: Modern Teen Dance Pop track with driving beat, catchy synths and samples.

Description: Ambient Trip Hop track with cool beat, hooky synths and flowing pads.