Description: A big and bouncy power pop dance track to get you into a positive party mood. Get up on your feet and move your body to the infectious beats, featuring both male and female vocal performances and state of the art synthesizer melodies. Broadcast ready and able to inject some groove into your project.

Description: A fun, happy, and quirky electronic danceable track featuring sassy synthesizer melodies, a smooth sub bass groove, techno drums and a reggae style electric guitar strum pattern. Nice track for film, tv, video, home movies, games, radio, in house. advertising, publicity, promotions, entertainment.

Description: A big and bright upbeat production track with a variety of sections in a rondo form. Strings and synthesizer melodies are featured with a backdrop of electric piano, brass section, upright bass and drums with a flashy electric guitar solo in the middle. Useful for Films, TV, Radio, Video, all media

Description: A mysterious medium tempo electro kit featuring the exotic Indian shehnai oboe and sitar fused with the western electric guitar and electric piano along with various synthesizers to form a grooving fun track for a wide range media projects. For tv, film, radio, broadcasts, underscores, podcast, home, Instrumental, Electronic, Ethnic Electronica

Description: A smooth and relaxed dance track also good for in house club - featuring synthesizers, electric bass, acoustic piano and solid drum grooves. Adventurous soundscape that lets you inside gently like easing into a warm pond. Good music for your media project on tv, film, radio, video. Broadcast ready. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Chill-out

Description: A hot and driving upbeat electronica dance track that keeps pumping. Trippy and cool featuring quirky synthesizers, sweeping sfx, male and female vocal shouts. Nice music for various media projects such as party or action scenes on tv, film or video. Useful for underscores, background music or radio, Instrumental, Dance Music, Electro House

Description: A sophisticated electronica modern jazz latin track that is stylish and cool. Features synthesizer, percussion, electric bass and piano and a full brass section. A sweet electric guitar solo is featured in the middle. Nice listening music. Useful for scenes in video, film, tv, background music.

Description: A happy and optimistic toe tapping track that will put a smile on your face and a skip in your step. Features a blend of piano and synthesizer lead melodies over a tight rhythm section that keeps the groove solid. For radio, tv, film, underscores, ads, media projects in-store and on-hold background. Instrumental, Pop Music, Easy Listening

Description: A heavy, funky and danceable groove track that borrows a bit of main theme from Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakoff. Fun upbeat house music featuring all synthesizers and drum machine for the dance floor, film, tv or video scenes, advertising, publicity, promotions, marketing, entertainment, Instrumental, Electronic Music, Funktronica, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Description: A cool, quirky, assorted electronic track with multi faceted fusion tendencies that features big sounding synthesizers alongside guitar, piano, bass, drums and female vocal samples. Useful for you media project in Films, TV, Radio, Video Games, Corporate and Home Videos, Music on Hold. live lounge.