Description: psytrance, psychedelic, festival, trance, tribe, rave, trippy, fullmoon, acid, mdma, alien, lsd, alucination, cinematic, soundtrack, theme, psychill, chillout, electronica, experimental, ambient, instrumental, breakbeat, dubstep, breaks, drum and bass, dnb, miami, edm, techno, electro house, tomorrowland, deep house, ibiza, amsterdam, progressive, pool party, after hours, underground, vibe, mainstream, mimimal, house, electro, club, tech house, ultra, dance, night club, dancefloor

Description: Pop, female vocal, Diva, house, club, dance, urban

Description: Pop, female vocal, Diva, urban, dance, club, house

Description: Reality vocal, wobble lead, big drops, swedish, mashed up

Description: Female vocal, edm, girl band, club life, tech bass, hot, dance floor

Description: Electronic, sweet, synths, Hip Hop, Sports, female vocal

Description: A upbeat and lively electronic based piece that creates great positive and motivation. Starts off with a rhythmic synth pattern and eventually evolves with the introduction of drums, synths and pads to give a great sense of optimism and joy. Could be used primarily in corporate videos.

Description: This house tune creates some really nice summer vibes. With its catchy piano riff and pumping pads it's perfect for every production that needs that extra clubby/dance atmosphere.

Description: Positive, happy and motivational funky pop song.