Description: Relaxed chill out piece with flowing forward momentum that breathes smooth and warmth with purpose. Living the good life, at peace with nature enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. Features alto sax, angelic female vocals that soar, a cool hip hop groove and thick rich bass. For all multimedia work

Description: A rather intense slightly serious fanfare featuring cool retro synths, rich harmonies and a steady simple beat. Good indie style track. Strange faces at the amusement fair, carnival rides, sweet and sticky snacks a sense of wonderment and exploration. Great for radio, tv, film or video productions.

Description: A fast and bright, joyfully quirky, fun background track featuring an old spacey piano theme over a thick bass and funky drum groove. Conveys motion, progress, and original thought. Great music for production videos, games, sports themes, advertising tv theme song, tech savvy videos, smart phone ads, Instrumental, Electronic, Electro Hop

Description: A fun, quirky, and intense high tech type production track. Very effective for science, computer, podcasts, corporate slide shows, videos, for ambient electronic background sounds. Robot talks.

Description: This silky smooth new age cool jazz is chilled and frosty. The groove is subtle and hot. Featured are tightly constructed drum machine beats, upright bass, haunting melody, wide open pads, and a super melodic hybrid piano solo. Slick background music for tv, film, video, in house, websites, podcasts

Description: A fun and quirky electronica featuring a blend Alchemy synthesizer sounds. A feeling of high tech motion pervades as the sounds filter through the piece engulfing the listener in various waves of lightness and joy. Good track for science backgrounds, space adventures, and various media projects. Instrumental, Electronic, Ambient House

Description: A gentle and reflective relaxing chill out track featuring a floating wooden flute sound that carries the listener through a lush soundscape. Includes light percussion and a depth heavenly synthesizer sounds. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, rest, and multimedia projects that promote peace, Instrumental, Electronic, Chill-out

Description: An amusing, quirky, and fun track with a productive "lets get things done" attitude. This tight dance groove features machine drums and synthesizers and flows smoothly into various closely knit sections. Has a variety of usage as a background track or as an atmospheric sound drop for media projects.

Description: A fun, cool and quirky electronica number featuring a host of unique synthesizers both retro and hypermodern - high tech and analog. Tightly construction and infectious let this odd yet solid groove accompany your media project. Useful for background and themes in tv, film, video, radio, in house. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop

Description: A big and bouncy power pop dance track to get you into a positive party mood. Get up on your feet and move your body to the infectious beats, featuring both male and female vocal performances and state of the art synthesizer melodies. Broadcast ready and able to inject some groove into your project.