Description: Fashion House track with energetical piano , bass, gentle synths and drums. Fits for adverts,motivation/inspiration videos, corporate, beauty blogs, fashion videos, presentations, corporate videos, travel company, summer videos, upbeat, sports and other projects.

Description: Pop glamour electronic music with interesting melodies and cool power groove. Fashionable and unserious.

Description: Emotional and confident track. Gentle, inspirational and atmospheric start, then enter the power electric synths and action drum. Good use for movies, inspiring modern video, corporate video, commercial video and more.

Description: Modern and stylish lounge track with cool synthesizers and light beat creating a glamorous and sensual atmosphere.

Description: Electronic track with nice beats. It’s great for film, websites, radio, etc.. Works great as a background track.

Description: Ultra dynamic industrial high tech music with a cinematic vibe and epic character. Designed for crime dramas, Sci-Fi projects, corporate branding, electronics conventions, software innovations, new gadget products and high performance cars.

Description: Modern teen commercial Dance Pop track with catchy synths and solid groove.

Description: This sleek chill out lounge music is an smooth blend of style, simplicity, and elegance. The hypnotic melodies are complimented with a minimal beat, and a great mellow groove. The music is a great modern sound that sets the mood for a wide variety of applications including retail, ads, luxury, cars, tech, travel, and much much more.

Description: A space catamaran glides amongst the galaxies, persistently and effortlessly

Description: Dynamic experimental, modern electronic track. Ideal for broadcasting news, TV programs, videos, websites or other backgrounds.