Description: A trippy soundscape with modern drum samples and swimming voices of melody

Description: A worldy electronic song with a peaceful and relaxing chords progression and melody

Description: a futuristic electronic beat with calming synths and textures

Description: Upbeat electronic song inspired by modern video game music

Description: Upbeat electronic 80’s sound with big drums,synths, and electric guitar!

Description: A mash-up of electronic beats and synths with shimmering electric guitar and strings.

Description: This track has it all: electronic, pop, and rock. Give your next project an edge with this cutting edge track.

Description: Classic dance tune – equipped with large epic synths, a driving beat, build up, and a catchy melody

Description: Catchy electro house beat with groovin drum samples and some buzzy bass synths. loop able

Description: Chill electronic song with big ambient synths and calming and uplifting chord progression