Description: Dark but uplifting new age electronica with a spacey trip-hop feel and some beautifully haunting breathy synth strings.

Description: Gritty and hard-hitting electro romp that pokes fun at social media with its collection of false friends and superficial identities.

Description: Futuristic feel-good piece with an uplifting space-age melody and light trance rhythm.

Description: dreamlike composition that builds and explodes into a mechanized industrial drive

Description: Frenetic synth composition with industrial, trance, new age and acid influences.

Description: Old school industrial-trance with acid synths, buzzing bass, new age pads and militant electronic percussion.

Description: Factory rhythms and computer tones collide in this glitchy jungle-industrial composition featuring chip synth effects and slick drum n' bass rhythms.

Description: Hard electro-rock track with driving percussion, sampled guitars, angsty male industrial vocals and vocoders, glitchy effects and aggressive bass synths.

Description: Moody electro excursion of great sorrow, hope, and resolution. Emotional pads, trance-industrial rhythms, playful chimes and hard synth bass set the tone.

Description: Aggressive industrial dance track with a dystopian man versus machine theme.