Description: This is action-packed, high energy, and intense rock background music that will give you an adrenaline rush. It is great for extreme sports, fighting, wrestling, racing, formula 1 and monster truck visuals among other uses. Perfect for trailers, intros, outros, spoilers and interview interludes as well as dance and chase scenes in movies.

Description: A fast-paced, high-energy / energetic background track with lots of synth elements, highs and lows and punchy rhythmic parts. A catchy riff accompanies a bouncy syncopated arp in this slightly retro track. Great for fast moving visuals, travel, product reviews and other productions requiring energy

Description: Dark, mysterious, spacious, epic and powerful. This track is an upbeat, driven and punchy track with crunching breakbeats and is full of tension and suspense with a futuristic world feel. It's a contemporary soundtrack that is perfect for edgy and filmic visuals with a focus on technology. Imagine technology reviews, documentary and ads where high-energy is needed without interfering with your message.

Description: A cool, jazzy and upbeat track that has a feel-good and positive vibe to it. Breakbeats and subtle funk hallmarks make this medium-paced track good for a wide variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals, adverts and idents. Unique and stylish videos would suit this track.

Description: Cool, eclectic, driving and full of energy, this track is seriously motivating, inspiring and, guess what…upbeat. Yep, it's a feel-good and positive electronic track that has a big sound with a fantastic club / dance intro. Pulsating warm synth basses and funky rhythmic sections kick it with drums in this wicked classic tune ;) Medium tempo and great for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: An edgy and cool track that has a fat warm bass and cutting electric guitar lead and has a sheek urban and filmic feel to it. This track features live electric guitar, organ and a raw synth bassline with a funky feel. Medium paced with a touch of jazz, this interesting song is great for evoking emotion and perfect for background music that needs an edge to it, particularly TV/film/radio productions.

Description: This is a big anthemic soundtrack that builds and explodes into a punchy, high energy and addictive dance track. Good for positive and high-energy / uplifting productions like for business, tv and radio adverts / commercials. Visuals needing a lift will benefit from the chorus that kicks in strong with an upbeat drumbeat.

Description: This is an action-packed, aggressive, gritty, glitchy and hard breakbeat track that is perfect for extreme sports, energetic and cool visuals and powerful / punchy productions about technology or promoting a business. It is modern, has a phatt dubstep feel with a dirty, pumping big club vibe. It's fast paced, cinematic, electronic and great for adverts / commercials and other hard-hitting productions.

Description: This is a hard-hitting electronic breakbeat / hip hop track with a prominent sitar riff, tense strings and gritty rhythmic drive. Filled with energy and a phatt moog bass, this cool and urban soundtrack is great as background music for a variety of uses from tv shows, high-energy sports and fast-cut visuals to short adverts for a business. Lots of cuts for easy editing.

Description: Cool, upbeat, and feel good, this energy-filled dance track is big, powerful and spacious. It's a happy and motivating track that inspires, motivates and has a distinctly positive vibe. Great for any production that needs a bit of drive and happiness. Medium tempo and great for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.