Description: Soft piano cello and solo violin, reflecting regret, longing

Description: Slide dobro and harmonica mixed with spoons and electronic percussion that give a deep south feel.

Description: Electro-pop with vocoder, heavy bass line and drums, synth leads

Description: Synth-pop, with a bit of a dark edge, great hooks

Description: Creepy and threatening, with haunting overtones

Description: A weird exposition under the ocean, electronica with a twist

Description: Dark synth bass implies a sinister plot, junkyard percussion section and choir voices

Description: Creepy and claustrophobic, heavy breathing and weird electronic noises - hold your breath!

Description: Vaguely arabian scale with strings and a syncopated rhythm, hip-hop beat, synth bass

Description: Spooky but endearing, this ghost won't hurt you!