Description: Bouncy and cool, this catchy beat has quiet and subtle vocals with a beautiful interweaving, synthetic harmonies. Chorus:Lift me up, take me away

Description: All the pieces fit together to make a unique puzzle with elements of 80's, 70's, and current electronic music. Solo synth opens and mutates as layers build into a contrapuntal web, slowly adding drum machines and finally synth leads and voice. Inspirational chorus and complicated verses.

Description: Retro drum machines create a pulsating bed over mutating synthesizers, all warning the listener of the impending doom that approaches. A glitch guitar solo violates the bridge section, then the track moves back to the A section to close it out.

Description: Bit-crushed, powerful drums drive retro synthesizers with creepy auto-tuned vocals. Glitch elements pervade the middle of the track and it ends with a cool dubstep style section.

Description: Sweeping, classic synthesizers accompany lo-fi 80s drum machines with vocoded robotic singing on top. All about falling in love with a AI computer program and a love that will forever remain unrequited.

Description: Slow, sad, piano driven song about a lost love.

Description: Synth-pop dance track about falling in teenage love with a girl. Hooky chorus with autotune verses.

Description: Dreamy synthesizers wash your ears, resonant warble bass slowly builds. Eventually cool, laid back drums come in and create a comfortable groove. Could be used for film, games, corporate, or commercial.

Description: Beautiful, alien soundscape evokes longing, sadness, and curiosity.

Description: Ominous Energy Dance has a pumping four on the floor kick with a pulsating bass line that will add intensity and mystery to your project. Slippery synthesizers and dark bass with electronic drums could add the perfect atmosphere to your scene, commercial, or game!