Description: Electronic Dancehall #4 contains perky tropical reggae elements but with electronic force and aggressive drums..

Description: Electronic Dancehall #3 is a mixture of reggae dancehall tropical elements with jumpy swing beats and keys,deep bass and drops,

Description: Electronic Dance #2 contains perky punchy lead synths supported by energetic beats,lead synth strings,filtered drops and builds and deep bass.

Description: Electronic Dance #1 is a warm feel good track with musical elements found in house,tech house,pop dance and edm.

Description: Awe Dance Mix 47 sec is a pop,dance edm house flavored mix with sultry female backgrounds expressing feelings of awe..

Description: Awe Groove Mix 30s is a tight pop dance house mix with tender female background vocals expressing emotions of awe of a piano driven groove,strings and house works.

Description: Awe Groove Mix 30s is a pop,dance, house track with driving house beats over uplifting piano house riffs and beautiful female background vocals expressing feelings of awe.

Description: Awe Dance Mix Instrumental is a dance pop electronic track feat piano riffs,strings,violn and cool house beats

Description: Top Billboard High Energy Club # 9 is a piano driven track with energetic beats that intensifies musically using rich complimentary instruments and a catchy hypnotic hook line perfect for a female vocal production hit..

Description: Top Billboard Electronic Dance Pop # 7 is inspired by pop, electronic dance, dance hall and electro mixing well with the current billboard charts in the dance genre..