Description: Up Lifting UK dance is an epic track full of excitement, catchy synths and sweeps,melodies and hard hitting energetic drums.

Description: Electronic Electro Break Dance Theme Music is a lively track with rich pads,a deep perky electro bass and edm type keys over break type beats and includes a 4 on the floor dance section.

Description: Electronic Dancehall Roller Mix #10 contains electronic tropical hook sounds over a steady dancehall groove..

Description: Electronic Aggressive Dancehall Mix #9 is an aggressive track with tough dancehall drums over hard edged synths and drastic drops into deep bass rhythms..

Description: Electronic Dancehall Riddem #8 is a deep bass track with catchy tropical keys, drops, claps,builds and an all around magnetic groove..

Description: Electronic Dancehall Riddem #7 contains aggressive big synths over percussive dancehall drums and big bass.

Description: Electronic Pop Dancehall #6 contains many cool keyboard riffs,orchestra hits with dancehall beats and then twist into pop straight drums.

Description: Electronic Dancehall #5 contains jumping beats with edgy percussion along with string orchestra hits and timpani tropical hooks.

Description: Electronic Dancehall #4 contains perky tropical reggae elements but with electronic force and aggressive drums..

Description: Electronic Dancehall #3 is a mixture of reggae dancehall tropical elements with jumpy swing beats and keys,deep bass and drops,