Description: Uptempo club track for party scenes. Featuring a nice whistle melody and a russian male choir whick makes this track stand out.

Description: Uptempo and thriving drums gives this dupstep inspired track its electronic edge. With good buildups and edit points this is perfect for fashion and sports programming.

Description: This track is full of fast movement and uptempo synt bass under a nice string theme. Nice theme for tv-series - think Madmen Theme but a little faster. Button ending.

Description: This is a really great sounding track with many details. Perfect underscore for activity scenes. There is a breakdown halfways which should be easy to edit with.

Description: Very slow electronica with tense atmosphere and weird sounds. Think electronic bats on a slow robot beat.

Description: A very happy and optimistic acoustic guitar tune with nice honest hooks and a steady beat. Perfect fit for the corporate presentation or advertising. Commercial with a chilled vibe.

Description: Melancholic sounding minimal house track with nice synt sounds and good melody. Moody and midtempo. Nice sounding minimal production. Trentemoller.

Description: Great funky oldschool hiphop track with modern sounds, nice breakdowns and edit points.

Description: An uptempo soft grooving track with guitars and nice melody. Very dreamy synthesizers makes for a little mystery, but still uptempo, soft and symmerly vibe. Good for company presentation also.

Description: A hot and driving upbeat electronica dance track that keeps pumping. Trippy and cool featuring quirky synthesizers, sweeping sfx, male and female vocal shouts. Nice music for various media projects such as party or action scenes on tv, film or video. Useful for underscores, background music or radio, Instrumental, Dance Music, Electro House