Description: a UK filtered instrumental dance track

Description: 2 worlds collide when Rock performer Rich Kennedy teams with legendary producer Albert Cabrera and delivers a multi genre masterpiece .

Description: A feel good dance track with a solid flow .

Description: Energetic Electronic Dance with capturing elements .

Description: an interesting collaboration between a guitarist and dance production .

Description: A Latin freestyle pop track with cool grooves that incorporate an edge of break beat elements and a rolling bass .

Description: Italian 94 house track , piano track and laid back bass with filtered elements

Description: This track is an electronic master piece , delivers animated qualities , its a very busy drum and bass vibe tune but is also heard in half time which soothes the stream .

Description: Kraftwerk sounding drum track with beautiful sounds keeping the song appealing positive and ear friendly .

Description: Tough attitude drum driven track with hard funky drums and slick fills .