Description: minimal, techno, tech house, house, club, night

Description: progressive, psy, festival, rave, acid, lsd, experience, offbeat, psychedelic, mdma, trip, forest, hemp

Description: dubstep, breaks, dub, hip hop, knife party, miami, edm, ibiza, skrillex, USA, cinematic, soundtrack, theme

Description: This is powerful, joyful, energetic breakbeat track. Heavy drums, surf/ rhythm and blues guitars, scratching, horn section creates an extreme, driving and cheerful mood. Great for film production, TV production, advertising, all kinds of sports. Suitable as background, soundtrack or sound illustration.

Description: Sunken underwater feeling. Spacey synths, delayed drums, guitars.

Description: a waltz, chillout style. features prominent rhodes and interesting percussion. also ambient voices.

Description: This is energetic, cheerful, groovy breakbeat track. Musical instruments and arrangement: heavy funky bigbeat drums, surf, rhythm and blues guitars in the style of the 50s – 60s, impudent country-blues guitar solo turntable, horn section, acid and dubstep synths. Mood and visual associations: drive, extreme, surfer, extreme sports, youth, turretless and energy. Suitable for film production, TV production, advertising, sport, comedy.

Description: The land of ice, gave me a lot a feeling of a landscape immersed in the ice, which acts as a low contour across the track, and very soft synthesizer sounds, is of course a composition inspired by the fantasy, psybient ambient very calm ... but its fast time and a little aggressive ... is divided in two phases a faster, then comes a slower piece in which falls the time and change the type of arpeggiator on time, very soft a track to listen to before sleep. .

Description: edm, electronic, progressive, house, club

Description: It transmits a lot of serenity ... if you want to relax listening chillout, ambient pads, a guitar all manipulated effects, beautiful synthesizer sounds, old electronic and lead psycho ..a mixture of chillout and atmospheric sounds very mystical and melodic all a particular melody, you can combine the ambient, but also the beautiful and intriguing cinematic ..strana ..pace and love ..