Description: Robotic electronic rhythms and bizarre synth effects combine for this soundtrack piece that rails against conformity.

Description: Explosive and aggressive trance-industrial track with air blasts and angsty synthetic rhythms.

Description: Dystopian composition with an experimental IDM flair, touches on environmental issues

Description: Spacey electronic piece that starts out as a slow and brooding composition with subtle synths and an evil ambiance that grows and morphs into a fast trance-inspired electro epic.

Description: Dark electronic soundtrack for futuristic black market body parts

Description: Rhythmic new age intro morphing into a moody EBM / electropop piece with futuristic textures, eerie pads, and dark squelchy techno synths.

Description: Dreamy electronic journey of ups and downs in the vein of Tangerine Dream

Description: A haunting and relentless journey through mysterious realms and unexplained phenomena. Dark trance-inspired synth lines with new age pad melodies and a driving beat.

Description: Aggressive techno-industrial track careening through space and time with some tense and explosive highlights.

Description: Space age trance-industrial music for interplanetary soundtracks of alien encounters and time travel.

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