Description: A funky freestyle break beat with solo Timbales

Description: A feel good dance track with a solid flow .

Description: A freestyle dance track with good feeling vibes , piano , bells , moving bass line and rhythmic drums .

Description: Catchy big bass , steady driver , lots of space , a piano that almost cuts through used as a teaser .

Description: 2 worlds collide when Rock performer Rich Kennedy teams with legendary producer Albert Cabrera and delivers a multi genre masterpiece .

Description: Energetic Electronic Dance with capturing elements .

Description: Electronic Dancehall Riddem #8 is a deep bass track with catchy tropical keys, drops, claps,builds and an all around magnetic groove..

Description: Electronic Dancehall Riddem #7 contains aggressive big synths over percussive dancehall drums and big bass.

Description: Electronic Pop Dancehall #6 contains many cool keyboard riffs,orchestra hits with dancehall beats and then twist into pop straight drums.

Description: Electronic Dancehall #5 contains jumping beats with edgy percussion along with string orchestra hits and timpani tropical hooks.

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