Description: A funky freestyle break beat with solo Timbales

Description: A feel good dance track with a solid flow .

Description: A freestyle dance track with good feeling vibes , piano , bells , moving bass line and rhythmic drums .

Description: Catchy big bass , steady driver , lots of space , a piano that almost cuts through used as a teaser .

Description: 2 worlds collide when Rock performer Rich Kennedy teams with legendary producer Albert Cabrera and delivers a multi genre masterpiece .

Description: Energetic Electronic Dance with capturing elements .

Description: Top Billboard Dance Hall Pop # 3 is a dance hall pop track that is 163bpm and vibes half time with beautiful drops that twirls into dance beats with hip trap elements.

Description: The Rascal Dance Anthem is an epic production of rich synths, melodies over big drums.

Description: Somewhere Up There contains a major catchy hook that varies in pitch along with screaming guitars, sensual feel good sounds and pulsing bass over a dance hip hop groove

Description: The Chill Pill is laid back track with sensual sounds along with 4 on the floor smashing drums

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