Description: retro style, lounge, groovy, laid back, downtempo, relaxed groove.

Description: Digital and analog synths combine with beatbox percussion in a minimal, syncopated, trance-influenced arrangement.

Description: A dreamy track in the genres of electro lounge and Latin music, elegant and romantic in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued eroticism, sensuality, soft and silky textures, a cultivated sense of sophisticated attraction.

Description: Music to relax to! Sit back, close your eyes, and relax to this chilled out piece of music! Great for Yoga, Massage and aromatherapy sessions.

Description: Elegant electronic lounge track with cool synts and solid beat.

Description: Background lounge track with pulsing modern synths and solid beat for presentation, fashion show, advertising, travel themes, cafe, club, YouTube and more.

Description: Synth pop with a melancholy edge. Urban groove with synth loops and flowing stings. Piano lead line flows along with an air of pensiveness, regret, and contemplation.

Description: Warm and stylish, featuring electro piano with smooth synth textures and creates a longing and heartfelt mood.

Description: Relaxing lounge pop cue with choir and band.

Description: Lounge pop cue, relaxed with a beat.

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